Let's do it fair [For GMs]

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Let's do it fair [For GMs]

Post  Hamada on Fri Nov 09, 2012 7:01 pm

I'm playing here for about 4 hours, I like the server because is not easy to get maxed in just a few hours but ... I have a little suggestion for GMs. I play with Soul Hound and I tried to do pvp when I realized the reuse time of some skills like Soul Strike (7 secs reuse) and Curse of Divinity (18 secs reuse) have too much reuse time. For those players who may think I'm just crying about this class, let's just think about something ... other classes like Storm Screamer, Mystic Muse, Archmage got 0 reuse in skills like Hurricane, Hydro Blast, etc etc ... against them in PVP what can I do? is really annonyng to be just running waiting for reuse of skills while getting damage from other player.

My buffs are correct and there's no way to decrease some seconds in those skills. And now GM maybe you will say "You dont have raid boss jewels" well ... of course not yet, but believe me, even if I have Valakas Necklace, reuse time will decrease for 1~2 seconds, that's still crappy ...

So ... please, this is just a message for GMs, let me know if there is gonna be any change about reuse on those skills because I don't wanna be wasting my time here, plus this reuse on olympiad would be even higher since you're not full buffed.

Hope to get a fast reply.
Thank you~

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