Change's at server.

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Change's at server.

Post  tsikos on Sat Nov 10, 2012 1:35 pm

Hello L2Leyrin im Rip from server i have many ideas for server to be better..

1st: Out of server ilegia - vorpal - freya weapons
2nd: Best gear Vesper Armor Noble - Vesper Weapons
3rd: Farm items Adena - GB
4th: Hard to make Element's max element slot's at armor 1(120) and weapon 1(300) what i mean?
At every h5-freya srvr armors take 3 slot for attr and so any pvp is like the way of raid boss ^^ so better to put at armor only 1 resist at every part Smile

that's all for now if you aggrement with me write +1 Very Happy

thank you for read.


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